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Welcome to DaHook.com. This site is made for the sole purpose of selling top manufactured goods for a low and affordable price for all costumers. As you can see this page is still under construction. We are working hard to collect our products and will open in time. Come back soon because this site will be updated daily and when it is up you won't wanna miss this. We hope to do business with you soon.

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New Online Store Opens
By Ilya Leyvi 11-22-01
With all these things going around the world shopping is beggining to become extremely difficult. Soon this will all be put to an end thanks to an up-and-coming organization which is devoted to simplifying everyone's lifes. Da Hook, is an online store which sells many different products including, foot wear, athletic clothes, perfumes, etc. The staff is working hard to improve the company and to make it more quick and efficient for you, our customers.

Da Hook is at the collective stage where we are going around the world to factories looking for products to sell. The online store is not yet officialy opened but when it will be worth the wait. The holidays are right around the corner so we at Da Hook are hoping to bring our store up to speed by then and hopefully make a few sales. The future of this company depends all on how this site does. We are here with the sole purpose to benefit everyone who is generous enough to visit our site and purchase amazing merchandise with decreased prices. We are glad to have you here and would like to do business with you in the following years.


our first item is in stock now at the body sprays page. Be sure to check it out.