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Welcome to DaHook.com. This site is made for the sole purpose of selling top manufactured goods for a low and affordable price for all costumers. As you can see this page is still under construction. We are working hard to collect our products and will open in time. Come back soon because this site will be updated daily and when it is up you won't wanna miss this. We hope to do business with you soon.

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The staff here has worked very hard on this site and would enjoy your
co-operation in the following aspects that we would like to achieve. Before entering this
site I would advice you to read the following disclaimer. We here at Da Hook are
running an online store which sells product ranging from very different fields. The happiness of our costumers
is very important to us so if there is anything you might want to say please e-mail us at DaHookSite@aol.com
. The staff will do everything in their power to help all our future costumers.
The Content of dahook.bizhosting.com is constantly updated and improved. New content will be added as it is available.
Although we will attempt to keep information at dahook.bizhosting.com accurate, the accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed.
All parties providing information on Da Hook warrant that the copying, distribution
and use of such materials in connection with dahook.bizhosting.com or Da Hook Inc., will not
violate any other party's proprietary rights. The materials in dahook.bizhosting.com. are copyrighted
and may not be used without the express permission of the begliged staff of Da Hook.
. In the slight chance that a product that you have ordered be lost
in the mail, delivery problem, or such you will not hold Da Hook responsible.
If such a problem occurs you will have to take it up with the mailing service.
Although this will most likely never happen I am obliged to put it in on the disclaimer as a "for instance"
because it is possible. Please do not steal any contents of the Da Hook web page or you will be taken into court for
plagirism and fined.

It is suggested that you read the entire disclaimer but it is your option.